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Christopher A. Williams (double bass)

Eira Bjørnstad Foss (violin)

Amalie Dahl (alto saxophone)

Klaus Ellerhusen Holm (clarinet)

Jenny Frøysa (baritone saxophone)

Bjørn Marius Hegge (double bass)

Kyrre Laastad (drums/percussion)

Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (trombone)

Joakim Rainer Petersen (piano)

Amund Storløkken Åse (vibraphone)


Trondheim Jazz Orchestra meets composer-contrabassist-researcher Christopher A. Williams in a grand musical and intellectual experiment. A series of seven meetings including Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and the Berlin-based Splitter Orchester is the public heart of the research project “(Musical) Improvisation and Ethics”, led by anthropologist Caroline Gatt (University of Graz), philosopher Joshua Bergamin (University of Vienna), and Williams (University of Music and Performing Arts Graz). In a weeklong workshop, the artists will dig deep into the ethical aspects of playing together and compose a concert program collectively around their discoveries. 

(Photo: Thomas Martius)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene


Isach Skeidsvoll (piano/compositions)

Martin Mellem (drums)

Anders Hjemmen (double bass)

Amund Nordstrøm (percussion)

Aksel Øverås Røed (baritone saxophone)

Espen Songstad (tenor saxophone)

Peder Skeidsvoll (trumpet)

Lauritz Skeidsvoll (soprano saxophone)


Isach Skeidsvoll is a new and exciting figure on the Norwegian jazzscene. He originally comes from the village of Kleive in Romsdalen, but currently lives in Bergen where he is a key figure on the local music scene. He can be heard in numerous different bands, but to Fri resonans he will bring his own octet. The music is clearly inspired by sixties and seventies free jazz, but strongly colored by Skeidsvoll's unique signature and energy. The band consists of several young and exciting musicians on the Norwegian jazz scene

(Photo: Andréa Louise Horstad)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene


Kristin Bolstad (voice/electronics/effects)

Zoe Efstathiou (piano/effects)


Habitat is a duo consisting of Kristin Bolstad (voice/electronics/effects) and Zoe Efstathiou (piano/effects). They explore sounds of different habitats and soundscapes in nature, both with composed musical material and through improvisation. With extended vocal techniques, electronics, different objects and prepared piano, the duo takes you on a journey through nature, landscapes, caves and forests, where your imagination gently come to life. This concert is curated in collaboration with nyMusikk Trondheim.

(Photo: Tijs Ham)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene


Ben LaMar Gay (cornet/voice)

Will Faber (guitar)

Matt Davis (sousaphone)

Tommaso Moretti (drums)


American cornetist, composer and singer Ben LaMar Gay is one of the most interesting figures on Chicago's exuberantly experimental music scene. His fragmented electro-acoustic sound collages organically filter time, place, colors and nuances through experimental jazz, funk, hip-hop and Brazilian rhythms into his concept of “Pan-Americana”. He is a member of AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians), and has collaborated with, among others, Theaster Gates, Nicole Mitchell, Joshua Abrams Natural Information Society, Jaimie Branch, Makaya McCraven and Circuit des Yeux. Ben LaMar Gay Ensemble consist of Will Faber (guitar/vocals), Matt Davis (sousaphone/vocals), Tommaso Moretti (drums) and Ben LaMar Gay (cornet/synthesizer/vocals)

(Photo: Alejandro Ayala)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene

NTNU forskningskonsert: Christopher A. Williams


The research project “(Musical) Improvisation and Ethics”, led by Christopher A. Williams (University of Music and Performing Arts Graz), anthropologist Caroline Gatt (University of Graz) and philosopher Joshua Bergamin (University of Vienna) collaborates with Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. In a weeklong workshop, the artists will dig deep into the ethical aspects of playing together and compose a concert program collectively around their discoveries, ending in conversations and a concert at Dokkhuset as part of Fri resonans. This research concert is in collaboration with NTNU and is part of their series of research concerts. Join us for conversations about ethics and music with academic guests from NTNU and musicians from Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, in addition to the research team. Moderator Michael Duch (Department of Music, NTNU). Free entrance. 


(Photo: Karin Lernbeiss)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene


Cory Smythe (piano)


With a truly unique voice and wide musical scope, New York based pianist and composer Cory Smythe has proven to be one of the most interesting and versatile musicians around in both classical music, avant garde jazz and contemporary music. We know him from his prestigious collaborations, such as the Grammy-winning duo with violin virtuoso Hillary Hahn, his participation in multi-instrumentalist and composer Tyshawn Sorey's groups, ICE (International Contemporary Ensemble) and in close collaboration with interdisciplinary composers such as Anthony Braxton and Zosha Di Castri. Over the past few years, he has also released more of his own projects where he explores thoroughly composed forms that also open up for improvisation in complex structures in a universe where his electro-acoustic microtonal piano is at the center. These records feature guest musicians such as Ingrid Laubrock, Peter Evans, Sofia Jernberg, Tomeka Reid and Steve Lehman. Cory also did a commissioned work with the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra in 2019 at Kamfest in Trondheim. Earlier this year, he collaborated with the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra during the Only Connect festival. During this year’s Fri resonans he will play solo piano. A format in which he truly flourishes, as demonstrated on the albums «A U T O TROPHS» (2017) and «Pluripotent» (2011). 

(Photo: Moritz Bichler)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene


Cansu Tanrıkulu (voice)

Lucy Railton (cello)


This duo makes a very special premier at this year´s Fri resonans festival. They met during various collisions and happy accidents in Berlin where they both currently live and are active contributors to the vibrant experimental music scene. Heard alongside names such as Kit Downes, Nick Dunston, William Parker, Carol McGonnell and Marc Ribot they are known internationally as side women and leaders in a range of projects. As a duo they create an attentive space for both of their backgrounds and artistic priorities, shaping up an aesthetic somewhere between free improv, noise and contemporary classical.

(Photo, Cansu Tanrıkulu: Dovile Sermokas)
(Photo, Lucy Railton: Cristina Marx)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene


Anja Lauvdal (piano)

Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson (double bass)

Hans Hulbækmo (drums)

Rolf-Erik Nystrøm (saxophones)


Moskus is a central act on the Norwegian jazzscene. They have been a working band since their first album came out in 2012. Since then, they have made five more albums, including their most recent release “Papirfuglen” (2022). Unpredictability and an open attitude towards music making is key elements to describe Moskus. Through the years they have collaborated with several guest musicians like Nils Økland, Mari Kvien Brunvoll and Stein Urheim. This autumn they are on tour with saxophonist Rolf-Erik Nystrøm, a central figure in Norwegian contemporary music and improvisational music.

(Photo: Christian Winther)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene



Satomi Matsuzaki (vocal/bass)

Greg Saunier (drums)

Ed Rodriguez (guitar)

John Dieterich (guitar)


Few bands have been as defining in modern rock music as Deerhoof. The band started out in San Francisco in the mid-90s and has since then released 18 studio albums as well as several other collaborations, live-albums, spinoff bands etc. In Deerhoof´s music catchy pop tunes meet clever and intricate use of the rock band as a format. During the pandemic they released two albums, «Future Teenage Cave Artists» (2020) and «Actually, You Can» (2021). This concert will be their first show in Trondheim. 

(Photo: Shervin Lainez)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene


Egil Kalman (modular synthesizer)


Egil Kalman interprets traditional Scandinavian melodies on the modular synthesizer. His music draws parallels between folk music and modern electroacoustic music via minimalist compositional techniques and soulful improvisations. Utilizing just intonation tunings, hypnotic forms, synthesized sound mimicking the acoustic and vice versa, his music explores elements of traditional Scandinavian folk music and puts it in a new light. The music is all live, played on analog modular synths and uses no pre-recorded material. This concert is curated in collaboration with nyMusikk Trondheim.

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene


Kaja Draksler (prepared piano/keyboards/percussion)

Szymon Gąsiorek (drums/percussion/electronics)


Czajka & Puchacz, based in Copenhagen, is a duo consisting of the Slovenian pianist Kaja Draksler (prepared piano/keyboards/percussion), and the Polish drummer Szymon Gąsiorek(drums/percussion/electronics). Translating the name of the duo you’ll get the two bird species lapwing and eagle owl. Czajka & Puchacz started playing in an acoustic landscape and in July 2020 they released their first album «Bivališča». The year after they released the retro-avant-pop singel «Entschuldigung» as Kiebitz & Uhu, their alter duo. Kiebitz & Uhu are the German names of the same bird species. Their latest release explored experimental songwriting, and since then the duo has continued to explore ways of merging experimental songwriting with the aesthetics of European free improvisation and the idiom of musique concrete presented of their first album, «Bivališča».

(Photo: Laura Braun)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene

NTNU research concert: Peter Knudsen


Peter Knudsen (piano/compositions)


Pianist, composer, and research fellow in artistic research at NTNU, Peter Knudsen will give us an insight into his project "Expanding horizons". Knudsen will present examples of how he approaches jazz composition and improvisation based on fiction, Norse mythology, and classical art music, from duo to big band format. Together with Tuva Halse (violin) and Amund Storløkken Åse (vibraphone), he will also demonstrate how French orchestral music can sound in the hands of improvisational musicians. This concert is in collaboration with NTNU and is part of their series of research concerts.

(Photo: John Malander)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene


Anders Hana (modified guitar/langeleik/mouth harps)

Morten Joh (modified synthesizer)


Anders Hana (modified guitar/langeleik/mouth harps) and Morten Joh (modified synthesizer) is known from their duo collaboration in MoHa!. Naaljos Ljom is their new project, where they explore their new musical and conseptual interest in microtonality, modified instruments and folk music. They have immersed themselves into the tonality and rhythm of traditional Norwegian folk music and dressed it up in an electronic dance music outfit. In 2021, Naaljos Ljom released their debut album on Motvind Records under the series "Perspectives on Norwegian folk music". Traditional Norwegian microtonal electronic dance music you don't want to miss.

(Photo: Fredrik S. Hana)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene


Liz Kosack (synthesizer)

Tomas Järmyr (drums)


Liz Kosack (synthesizer) is a US born, Berlin-based musician and mask maker. With a unique voice on keyboards, she has been active internationally with a host of projects and musicians from the current contemporary improvised music scene, including Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. As a synthesizer player, she works to develop her instrument to the limits of its expressive potential. As a mask maker her work seeks both to create and overcome issues of identity. At Fri resonans she teams up with local drummer Tomas Järmyr, known from Motorpsycho and number of other bands and projects. Raw energy, technical brilliance and endurance combined with responsive interaction have made him a unique and sought-after musician. This is a duo you don’t want to miss.

(Photo, Liz Kosack: Frank Schindelbeck)
(Photo, Tomas Järmyr: Thor Egil Leirtrø)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene


Brandon Lopez (double bass)

Ingrid Laubrock (saxophone)

Tom Rainey (drums)


This trio consists of three central figures on the avant-garde jazz scene in New York, and is often associated with musicians like Anthony Braxton, John Zorn and Dave Liebman. Brandon Lopez (double bass) guested the preexisting duo of Tom Rainey (drums) and Ingrid Laubrock (saxophone), which turned out to be a perfect match. Their first album as a trio, «No es la Playa», was released on the Swiss record label Intakt Records earlier this year. This fall they are touring in Europe. 

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene



Christopher Dell - vibraphone

Christian Lillinger - drums

Jonas Westergaard - double bass


This Berlin-based trio consisting of Christopher Dell (vibraphone), Christian Lillinger (drums) and Jonas Westergaard (double bass) was established in 2011 and has released a number of albums including their brand new release «Beats» (2021). They play music with high intensity and activity, and the distinction between composition and improvisation feels blurred as the trio navigates seamlessly through their musical sequences. The traditional roles we usually see in a trio format have been dissolved and the result is music with many layers, role changes and textures.

(Photo: Nino Halm)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene


Jaap Blonk - voice/electronics

Terrie Ex - guitar


Jaap Blonk (voice/electronics) started out as a vocalist with Dada sound poetry performances. From the mid-1980s and on he developed as an improviser and gradually added the use of live-electronics to the voice. Terrie Ex (guitar) was one of the founders of the “anarcho-punk” band The Ex in 1979. Through the years, with his unique style, he has also made a name for himself in free improvisation, such as in duos with Han Bennink, Ab Baars and Ken Vandermark. This duo collaboration started in 2003 and stands out for boundless freedom, the unpredictability of Dada and the energy of punk rock. Their album, «Thirsty Ears» was released on Terrie’s own record label TERP in 2018.  

(Photo: Andy Moor)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene


Angelika Niescier - saxophone

Alexander Hawkins - piano


Angelika Niescier (saxophone) and Alexander Hawkins (piano) are two unique instrumentalists who has contributed to redefining European jazz and improvised music for the past decade. They just released their first duo record «Soul in Plain Sight» (2021) on the prestigious and progressive jazz label Intakt Records. Hawkins visited Fri resonans two years ago and delivered an extraordinary concert with vocalist Sofia Jernberg. Hawkins is well known for his solo performances but often collaborate with legendary names like Anthony Braxton, Louis Moholo-Moholo and Evan Parker. Angelika Niescier is based in Cologne but has a strong connection to the US avant-garde jazz scene through her NYC trio featuring Chris Tordini and Gerald Cleaver, and her NYC Five featuring Florian Weber, Ralph Alessi, Chris Tordini and Tyshawn Sorey.

(Photo: Arne Reimer)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene


Jaap Blonk - voice/electronics

John Pål Inderberg - baritone saxophone/voice


A meeting between two performers who both have immersed themselves in Kurt Schwitters`s sound poetry and Dadaism. Local baritone saxophonist John Pål Inderberg teams up with Jaap Blonk in conversation and interplay to share their knowledge and perspectives on spontaneous music making. John Pål Inderberg (baritone saxophone/voice) is a versatile saxophonist with a natural spontaneity of expression. His playing incorporates many different styles, which is evident in his collaboration with musicians such as Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh. In addition to baritone saxophone, he is known for his use of voice and spoken words as a part of his performance. Besides his performing career, he is professor emeritus at the Department of Music at NTNU. Jaap Blonk (voice/electronics) started out as a vocalist with Dada sound poetry performances. From the mid-1980s and on he developed as an improviser and gradually added the use of live-electronics to the voice. He has collaborated with musicians and composers like Maja Ratkje and Mats Gustafsson and frequents in both the contemporary music scene as well as within freely improvised music. This concert is in collaboration with NTNU and is part of their series of research concerts.

(Photo: Etang Chen/Marte)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene


Fredrik Ljungkvist - reeds

Magnus Broo - trumpet

Håvard Wiik - piano 

Ingebrigt Håker Flaten - double bass

Hans Hulbækmo - drums


Few bands have defined and influenced the Scandinavian jazz scene more than Atomic. Their music is an amalgam of different sources of inspiration spreading from American and European free jazz to contemporary classical music. This is clearly displayed on their latest album «Pet Variations» (2018) where they play music by Carla Bley, Jan Garbarek, Olivier Messiaen and several others. After holding a position at the forefront of the Scandinavian and European contemporary jazz scene for 20 years, Atomic have decided to disband. This concert at Fri resonans will be the last opportunity to see this band live in Trondheim.

(Photo: Anne Valeur)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene


Susana Santos Silva - trumpet

Torbjörn Zetterberg - double bass


Portuguese trumpet player Susana Santos Silva and Swedish bass player Torbjörn Zetterberg started their collaboration in 2012 when they recorded their first album together, «Almost Tomorrow» (2012). They are both based in Stockholm, Sweden. Since then, they have played extensively as a duo as well as in collaboration with musicians like Mat Maneri, Carlos Singaro, Chris Pitsjokos and Hampus Lindwall, among others. Now, eight years later, they have released their second album, «Tomorrow» (2021). Their music has been described by critics as uninhibited, intense, heartfelt, full of passion, and delivered with a wonderful paradox of discipline and abandon.  

(Photo: Aloísio Brito/Maria Mónica)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene


Matilda Rolfsson - percussion

Bára Sigfúsdottir - dance

Ole-Henrik Moe - violin


A meeting between freely improvised dance and music. This unique and interdisciplinary trio meets for the first time during this year's Fri resonans festival. Individually, the performers are active internationally as well as in Norway in various constellations such as: TIDE, Sheriffs of Nothingness and Trio Generations. A finely tuned acoustic and textured act that embraces the expected and unexpected events of improvisation. This concert is curated in collaboration with nyMusikk Trondheim.

(Photo: Juliane Schütz)

Venue: Dokkhuset Scene